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UK Share Register Analysis

Using a combination of our powerful nominee-cracking databases and focused strategic Section 212 activity, RD:IR provides UK public companies with in-depth, accurate and customised shareholder analysis services which include the following range of reports:

Analysis by fund manager & beneficial owner
Historical shareholder analysis
Investor investment strategy analysis
Geographical investor analysis
Institutional weighting analysis
Institutional targeting analysis
Shorting monitoring

Today’s market conditions dictate that UK public companies source accurate and intelligent analysis of their share register. The increasing sophistication of trading activity and the rise of short-term speculative investment in the UK markets mean that public companies have ever greater difficulty in tracking the ownership of their stock. Market activities such as stock-lending and stock-shorting have widened the gap between the share register and real share ownership.

It is fundamentally important that companies receive shareholder analysis reporting accompanied by forensic and diagnostic analysis of the changes in equity ownership in order to carry out an effective Investor Relations strategy. Without this extra insight and analysis, it becomes difficult for companies to track external investor audiences and to provide realistic information to their Boards on institutional movements in the stock.

Our job is to provide UK companies with the best possible understanding of who owns their stock by thorough and timely analysis of their share register. We can analyse share registers at any requested frequency including daily if necessary (during a corporate action, for example).

We use the power of s212 pro-actively to get accurate shareholder data quickly and efficiently, whether investors are domiciled in the UK or overseas.

RD:IR’s shareholder analysis is carried out by experienced shareholder analysts, all with a background in the capital markets. Our data integrity, checking procedures and our depth and breadth of coverage are second to none. Our dedicated 212 team is experienced in sourcing ownership data from investors, custodians and banks across the globe.

Reporting of shareholder analysis data can be carried out through delivery in hard copy, by email or via our dedicated Investor Relations server-based application, IR Insight, which offers IR professionals an integrated IR solution for management of their IR process.

We offer bespoke reporting template software for companies who wish to output our analysis in their own reporting formats (for Board papers, for example).

Global Shareholder Identification
We offer international public companies dedicated shareholder identification programmes for Ordinary and ADR/GDR stock using telephone surveys of fund managers in every major global market.
Companies across the world are realising the importance of communicating as widely as possible to the financial markets. The increasing importance globally of good corporate governance and disclosure means that companies need to talk to investors internationally and not just in their domestic markets.
For most non-UK companies outside North America, public filing institutional ownership data is often the only ownership data available to them but this information is often poor in terms of coverage, accuracy and timeliness. RD:IR’s customised global shareholder ID programmes can significantly increase companies’ understanding of who owns their equity.
RD:IR runs global and market-specific shareholder identification programmes for non-UK companies where no share register exists or the company has only limited information about the ownership of its stock. Using our proprietary database of institutional investors in every significant financial market, we carry out extensive telephone surveys of fund managers around the world to identify levels of ownership of stock and identify all relevant investment personnel and their contact details.
RD:IR is skilled in sourcing stock ownership data from buy-side investors across all global markets. Our experienced multi-lingual researchers can also find out what those investors think about your stock and your investment case.
Using our sophisticated database of global investors, we can use our survey findings to produce segmented, focused target investor lists to widen your shareholder base internationally.
We can run your shareholder ID surveys on either a one-off or a regular basis, for all global markets or just the markets you wish to research. Surveys can form a stand-alone project or part of a wider IR programme tailored to your exact specification.

GDR Analysis

We offer Global Depositary Receipt issuers and their sponsoring banks a full GDR holder identification service which provides analysis of GDR ownership on a one-time or ongoing basis.
Tracking the holders of GDRs on a timely and fully covered basis has historically been difficult or prohibitively expensive. The available public filing ownership data is patchy, inconsistent and often inaccurate. The GDR analysis programmes offer companies the ability to identify current institutional ownership of their GDR investors and track changes in ownership over time.
Public companies across the world increasingly realise the importance of communication to investors whether they hold the domestic or the global share class. Institutional investors into GDR stocks demand ever greater transparency and higher levels of disclosure from companies in which they invest. Knowing who those investors are is a necessary first step for GDR issuers in this process. Regular updating of this information is required to track changes in institutional ownership over time.
Our GDR holder identification programmes are based on telephone surveys of relevant fund managers across all global markets. Using our extensive global investor database which contains contact information on fund managers running global, industry-specific and country-specific funds, we contact all potential investors into your stock to identify their level of holding in your GDR stock and, where requested, their sentiment on your stock.
We have excellent relationships with emerging market investors, the major holders of GDR stock, and therefore can provide excellent levels of GDR ownership coverage.
Using our survey findings, we can provide GDR issuers with full contact details for their GDR investors and also produce focused target lists of potential investors.

Section 212/213 Management
We provide UK public companies with a full Companies Act Section 212 and Section 213 management service. We are expert in sourcing investor data on an in-depth, fast and efficient basis from shareholders in the UK and overseas using companies’ powers under S212.
Our dedicated Section 212 team is experienced in sourcing shareholder information from investors in all global markets whether they are UK nominees, overseas custodian or sub-custodian banks or any investing vehicle.
Utilising our global custodian database we can undertake a start-to-finish service that encompasses the issuance of s212 letters, the coordination of responses, the integration of responses into our ongoing share register analysis, and the ongoing maintenance of the statutory Section 213 register.
We can provide expert advice to companies on the potential use of their powers under s212 which could be vital during any corporate action.
Our s213 management service covers handling of requests made to inspect the statutory register under s219.

IR Insight
We offer Investor Relations professionals a dedicated desktop IR solution, IR Insight, which allows full management of the IR process. The package includes:
Shareholder analysis
Monitoring of changes in institutional ownership
Analysis of stock ownership in terms of investor investment strategy
Geographical analysis of shareholders
Investor profiling
Investor targeting
Peer group analysis
Institutional briefing notes
IR executive summaries for NEDs
IR contact & meeting manager
We provide investment trust management houses and corporate stock-brokers dedicated analytical tools as add-ons to IR Insight to allow them to analyse their clients in terms of institutional ownership across the group of client companies. The dedicated IR Insight applications for these two types of organisation are called:
Investment Trust IR Insight
Stockbroker IR Insight

Stockbroker IR Insight
We offer corporate stockbrokers a dedicated desktop IR solution, Stockbroker Insight, which allows full shareholder analysis & IR-related reporting of their corporate clients.

The package includes:
– Shareholder analysis at any required frequency including full graphing
– Monitoring of changes in institutional ownership 
Analysis of stock ownership in terms of investor investment strategy
– Geographical analysis of shareholders
Investor profiling
Investor targeting
Peer group analysis
– Institutional briefing notes
– IR executive summaries for NEDs
– Client group institutional holding analysis.

We can tailor our reporting and software to the broker’s exact requirements. We can produce hard copy reporting either to an existing design template or work with you to provide a tailor-made product.

In addition to ongoing regular share register analysis for UK public companies, we offer a complementary service which tracks changes on the register between analysis dates via daily or weekly monitoring of movements on the share register. These movements can be reported in the form of a transaction report by the company’s registrar at your chosen frequency and movement threshold and delivered to us electronically or by fax.

Our Stockwatch service operates at two levels:
– Major Change Alert: we notify you by email of any significant changes in institutional ownership; significant hedge fund activity; unusual trading activity; unusual investor activity; potential predatory activity. We issue 212 letters immediately to any suspect or unknown investors and report back our findings as soon as possible.
– Full Movement Analysis: in addition to the actions above, we provide you with a full annotated analysis of all movements on the transaction report and we can go on to update our share register analysis of your stock if required. Our analysis discerns between institutional and trading activity on the register.

Peer Group Analysis

We offer public companies in any global markets full tailor-made sector institutional ownership analysis using peer companies selected by the client or on our recommendation.
In the case of UK stocks, we source shareholder ownership data through purchasing share registers in the public domain, analysing the register using our in-house share analysis system, followed by further analysis by way of inspections of the related public domain Section 213 & Section 198 registers. This methodology allows us to provide in-depth and accurate reporting on any UK public company.
In the case of non-UK stocks, we source the best possible shareholder data available in the market (this is usually based on institutional public filing data) and then carry out further research using various data sources including the company’s own publications and our international buy-side contacts.

Investment Trust IR Insight
We offer UK investment trust Investor Relations and institutional marketing professionals a dedicated desktop IR solution, IR Insight, which allows full management of the institutional investor marketing process and investment trust shareholder analysis.

The package is suitable for any investment trust management company or company secretarial service and includes:
Full shareholder analysis
Monitoring of changes in institutional ownership
Analysis of stock ownership in terms of investor investment strategy
Geographical analysis of shareholders
Investor profiling
Investor targeting
Peer group analysis
Institutional briefing notes
IR executive summaries for NEDs
IR contact & meeting management tools
Investment trust group cross-analysis

IR Insight links seamlessly with RDIR’s own investor CRM system (an add-on to the IR Insight application) or with GoldReach, our dedicated IR-oriented high-level CRM system developed jointly with Solica Consulting based on the well-known GoldMine CRM software.
Either CRM system can be populated with investor contact information derived from specialist research carried out by RD:IR or from the client’s own data.

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